Society for Intelligent Systems has started its activities since 2019 and officially recognized in 2022 by the TN Government, India. It a brain child of Prof. G. Suseendran [Late] and now it has been growing quickly.

An intelligent system is a very advanced computer system with the ability to acquire data, process that data, and then act on its findings. In another way, Intelligent System (IS) can also be thought of as a system that uses artificial intelligence to manage previously human-handled tasks. Intelligent systems have the ability to learn and look for the best possible solution to a problem. Intelligent system design lends itself to modeling several forms of machine learning, including supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. Furthermore, intelligent systems automate difficult operations that can’t be done with a conventional computer. Intelligent System Design is the application of these processes to the development of various diagnostic, robotic, and engineering systems.

Computational Intelligence, Edge Intelligence, learning analytics, machine learning, and data science are all included in one umbrella term. The demand for AI-Engineers in India has skyrocketed over the past five years, while the supply remains low.

According to Forbes “AI, robotics, automation and autonomous machines will drive 70% of GDP growth between now and 2030 globally.”