The Prime objectives of Society for Intelligent Systems would be categorized like:

  • To facilitate research, information exchange, learning, and career advancement for all types of IT Professionals, academics, and research researchers.
  • To Provide knowledge exchange platform through participating or conducting seminars, conferences, meetings, webinars, and keynote speech.
  • To develop enlightened educational frameworks and tools for students and professionals to assist them in better understanding, studying, and growing in the field of computer science, particularly in the theory and practice of intelligent control, artificial intelligence, neural networks, Internet of Things, decision support systems, soft computing, cloud computing, data mining, and ontologies, machine learning, intelligent measurement, and other related fields.
  • To undertake on its own and/or in collaboration with the Government of India/ State Governments/ Union Territories Governments/ Local Assembly, Government of a Foreign State/ Institution/ Municipal Corporation, training & research, accreditation, and allied services for the promotion and development of education.
  • To sign MOUs or MOAs with other societies, corporations, organizations, bodies, foundations, and institutions in India or overseas to provide services on mutually agreed terms and conditions to further the society’s mission.
  • To conduct sponsored and unfunded international and domestic research and consult with governments, academic institutions, national and international organizations, and accreditation bodies.